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Solution-Focused Analysis:

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An iceberg is a wonderful way to describe how the mind operates. As the upper part symbolizes our conscious ego desires and emotional symptoms, the bottom represents our most unconscious psychological needs, expectations, urges and patterns. Theoretically, both halves are in constant dialogue with each other. It is my clinical belief that the dynamic forces which are generated by this dialogue are responsible for the creation of our personalities, relationships, vocations and the core beliefs about who and what defines our life processes.

With Solution-Focused Analysis, the client learns how to distinguish between his/her conscious emotional symptoms and the unconscious needs and patterns attempting to reveal themselves. When a person begins to openly dialogue with these two forces, the blockages created by lifelong problems such as depression, alcoholism, anxiety, drug abuse, etc. can become exposed and resolved with greater clarity and personal maturity.

I have found that with my type of treatment, one discovers an internal personal awareness which seeks to resolve symptoms and dismantle destructive emotional patterns. The goal of this methodology is qualitative, lifelong behavioral change.


Thank you for visiting my website. Psychotherapy is a very personal experience.        I know that the relationship between the therapist and client is always of paramount importance. I appreciate you considering me as your psychotherapist / addictions counselor and would be pleased to answer any questions you may have concerning my personal therapeutic style. In addition, you may find that the behavioral categories listed on my Personal Assessment page may help you to clarify any symptoms or situations which may be defining your life at the moment.