Solution-Focused Analysis:

Denver Psychotherapy for the 21st Century

Personal Assessment Profile

Many patients find it extremely helpful to do a self assessment survey to both qualify and quantify their psychological and emotional states of consciousness. By checking those behavioral patterns which are most prominent for you at this time, you will give me a preliminary understanding of the issues which you are currently concerned about.

Please note that this assessment is not meant in any way to self diagnose, treat or cure any mental, emotional or physical disease.

How much did the following behaviors affect you in the past week's time?

Sadness Irritability Low self-esteem
Guilt Worthlessness Agitation
Withdrawal/Isolation Hopelessness Poor Concentration
Emptiness Unresolved grief Low Energy
Weight gain Weight loss Insomnia
Hypersomnia Apathy Loneliness
Sexual dysfunction Decreased motivation Flat
Grandiosity Mood swings Impulsivity
Elevated mood Pressured Excessive risk taking
Racing thoughts Expansive mood Accelerated speech
Impatience Euphoria Over activity
Increased energy Overly dramatic Hypersexuality
Uncontrolled spending
Fear of public activities Excessive worry Nightmares
Nervousness Panic Phobias
Tight muscles Fearfulness Racing heart
Restlessness Obsessive thoughts Vague physical complaints
Flashbacks Detachment Hypervigilence
Intrusive thoughts Suspicion/paranoia Restricted emotion
Traumatic memories GI distress Increased startle response
Hyperactive Inattentive Restlessness
Conduct problems Excessive talk Fidgety
Short attention span Distraction Impulsivity
Careless mistakes Procrastination Forgetfulness
Childhood behavioral problems Difficulty at school Difficulty at work
Problems with authority Anger Hostility
Aggression Threatening Belligerent
Legal issues Vindictive Argumentative
Poor social skills Dishonesty High blood pressure
Too serious Self centered Intense competition
Abusive Domineering Defiant
Oppositional Violence Antisocial
Excessive use of alcohol Excessive use of drugs Family instability
DUI/DWAI Toxic relationships Impaired judgement
Poor insight Seizures Hepatitis
Difficulty socially HIV/AIDS Other medical issues
Outpatient treatment Detoxification history Victim of abuse
Problems with societal/role functioning Substances interfere with responsibilities Psychiatric hospitalizations

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